ECOs & Sectorals

Alastria works with a decentralized and transversal approach, relying on the strength of its local and Sectoral ECOsystems to involve all agents of the value chain. The ECOs and Sectoral are structured in the Innovation and Talent Commission and are coordinated from the Project Office.


The ECOs promote innovation and local knowledge in blockchain with a multisectoral vision in each territory, to develop use cases that demonstrate the application of DLT technologies and promote the digital economy at the local level. They integrate all sectors of the territory.

The Sectoral unite all the actors linked to a sector to promote high-impact joint projects in their area of ​​activity, enhancing the value of blockchain to generate new business models. They integrate several ECOs in a transversal way.

Functions of the ecosystems

ECO Alicante

Leader: Belén González (Fundación Frax)
Vicente García Gil (FIFED)

ECO Andalucía

Leader: Natalia Pérez (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucia)
Jorge Pérez (Vestigia)

ECO Aragón​

Leader: Carlos Millán (ITAInnova)

ECO Asturias

Leader: Daniel Setó (Alisys)

ECO Canarias

Leader: Julio Brito Santana (Fundación General de la Universidad de la Laguna)
Patricia Fraile (Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica)

ECO Castilla y León

Leader: Joaquín Glez del Pino (QUIXOTE Innovation)

ECO Castilla y León

Leader: Ismael Arribas (Kunfud)

ECO Cataluña

Leader: Luz Parrondo (UPF-BSM)
Xavier Simó (Fundación INLEA)
Luis Carballo (Vottun)

ECO Galicia

Leader: Francisco Lozano (Instituto Ibérico de Blockchain)

ECO Galicia

Leader: Juan Carlos Rodriguez Maseda (Dictum Futurae)
Luis Taboada (QBTIA)

ECO Madrid

Leader: Fran Gómez (Paythunder)
Silvia Mendoza (Metrovacesa)

ECO Murcia

Leader: Maite Garrigós (Garrigós Consultores & Asociados)

ECO Valencia

Leader: Honorio Ros (EasyFeedback)

ECO Valencia

Leader: Oscar Lage (Tecnalia)
Javier Suescun (CENER)

ECO Valencia

Leader: Alejandra Menéndez (Startup Valencia)

Know about the Sectorals

Art and Digital Culture Sectoral

Co-leader: Pablo de Vargas (Authentication4Art) and Verónica Cebrián (Telefónica)
Sponsors: Carlos Kuchkovsky (Remotefulnes) and Almudena de la Mata (Blockchain Intelligence)

Energy and Industry 4.0 Sectoral

Leader: Óscar Lage (Tecnalia)
Sponsor: Nuria Ávalos (Repsol)

Health Sectoral

Leader: Javier Colás (Additum)

Transport and Logistics Sectoral

Leader: Juan Manuel Martínez Mourin (Eurotech)
Sponsor: Cristina Martín (Usyncro)

Environment Sectoral

Leader: Francisco Benedito (Climatetrade)

Agrifood Sea and Fishing Sectoral

Leader: AMTEGA

Agrifood Sectoral

Leader: Ismael Arribas (Kunfud)

Sustainable Tourism Sectoral

Co-leader: Belén González (Fundación Frax) and José Antonio Illarregui (Izertis)

Real Estate Sectoral

Leader: Carmen Chicharro (Metrovacesa)
Grupo de trabajo Proptech: Daniel Codina (FIBREE)

Digital Assets Sectoral

Legal working group leader: Pedro Méndez de Vigo (Cuatrecasas)

Cybersecurity Sectoral

Leader: Borja Lanza (León Blockchain Hub)


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