What we’re asked about Alastria

How can I become a member?

To become an Alastria member, you must access the “Become a Member” page on the official Alastria website, where you will find both information on the association’s official documents (statutes, policies, etc.) as well as the electronic Membership Application Form.

After filling in the details, you will receive an e-mail with the document in PDF format of your membership application to sign. If you sign it by hand, please scan it and send it by email to members@alastria.io  and by post to the following address:

Attn: Mr. Javier Ibáñez Jiménez
Calle Alberto Aguilera n. 23
28015 Madrid (Spain)

If you have signed it with a certified electronic file, you do not need to send it by post or e-mail.

After filling in the details, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Member’s Office with the document in PDF format of your membership request to sign it.

What is the process that my application follows?

The application for membership is presented to Alastria Board of Directors for its evaluation. At the time they give its approval, you will receive an e-mail notifying you, as well as the first receipt of the fee corresponding to the size of the company, a request to send your Logo to display it on the association’s website Membership list, as well as in our communication channels if necessary. Once payment of the annual fee has been confirmed, you will become a full member and you can start your participation by collaborating with Alastria.

Are there different types of members in Alastria?

At Alastria we have two types of members:

  1. Members of quota or number: 3 types of rate according to the number of employees.
  2. a) Companies with 1 to 100 employees. Fee of 500 € per year.
  3. b) Companies with 101 to 500 employees. Fee of 5,000 € per year.
  4. c) Companies with more than 500 employees. Fee of 10,000 € per year.

2. Agreed members: Institutions with which a Collaboration Agreement signed by the Alastria Legal Committee is signed, in which they are exempt from the payment of the annual fee in exchange for their active collaboration in the terms agreed in the agreement.

How can I contact Alastria?

You can contact us through the following generic e-mails:

Soon we will have a contact telephone number.

What communication channels does Alastria have?

Alastria uses a great variety of means, so that we are all well informed of all the important activities, courses, conferences, news and events taking place in Spain.

What is the duration period of the fee?

Once the member is admitted and has paid the current year’s dues, the following dues will be paid annually. The duration of the fee includes the period from October 1st of the current year, to September 30rd of the following year. In the event that the accession is made from the month of June, the apportionment of the fee will be applied from the beginning of the payment for the accession until the month of October.

When my organization is associated with Alastria and I proceed to pay the fee, is the fee subject to VAT? Does Alastria become my provider?

Alastria is governed by the Organic Law1 / 2020, of March 22nd, regulating the Right of association, therefore it does not carry out business activity subject to VAT, nor is it included in the business census. Due to this, the fee that a member pays is for an association, not for a supplier, therefore VAT is not applicable, nor does it issue invoices.

Can the corporation tax deduction be applied with the receipt issued by Alastria?

The receipts issued by Alastria are not deductible since only the fees paid to Associations declared of public utility are deductible.

Can a natural person be part of Alastria?

It is not possible at this stage for a natural person to become member of Alastria. However, we are working on this issue, so that soon natural persons can be incorporated as full members.

I am a startup, what can Alastria give me?

You will have the possibility to work in a stable technological environment, and actively participate together with potential clients (prospects) or investors. You can also count on the “Alastria LInk2Chain” Program that the Association has, in order to incubate and accelerate your projects. In addition, there is no gas cost for transactions.

I am a “start-up”, do I have to pay a fee?

Yes, you have to pay 500 € per year (as well as SME’s do). This contribution has been thought precisely, in order to promote the adherence of start-ups, because we think that there is a clear gain in the initial effort that a start-up needs to made known and advertise its products.

How can I get involved in the Association?

At Alastria we work through committees and commissions. Members of multidisciplinary working groups participate in each commission. In the following link you can find information about the different committees and commissions that we have.

Could I be on more than one commission?

Members may have representatives on one or more committees in which they can be an active member or an observer member. At Alastria we promote the role of an active member since learning is very important thanks to direct work in the association. Our methodology is “learning by doing“. Our philosophy is collaboration between partners to gain experience and thus improve in every way. In particular, the ECO regional systems promote the realization of face-to-face meetings in various cities throughout the geography that promote innovation and the development of Talent.

At sectoral events we encourage the meeting between partners belonging to different regions or ECO systems that are interested in solving challenges in a specific sector with the benefits of using Blockchain technology. This allows us to move forward by landing tractor projects between different partners in different geographical areas. By encouraging active participation, calls for events and meetings are sent to all members.

What are “the Sectorals”?

In the Sectoral events we promote the meeting between various partners belonging to different regions of Spain or ECOsystems that are interested in solving challenges in a specific industrial sector with the benefits of the use of Blockchain technology. This allows us to advance by landing tractor projects between various partners in different geographical areas.

What are “the ECOS”?

An ECO is a commission of members in the strategic axis of the people of Alastria that allows linking the innovation that takes place in the ECO area. Its main functions are to prepare outreach programs, face-to-face knowledge exchange meetings (meetups), as well as agreeing Blockchain training plans with the ECO partners for the different business profiles (Executives, IT, Lawyers, etc.). Each ECO acts as a link between the business world, the academy, and the Public Administrations of the area. The latter also participate in Alastria and in ECOS. The ECOS are in turn the base of the decentralized headquarters of Alastria, they allow the association to accelerate the growth and exchange of opportunities and knowledge in a more efficient and agile way, nurturing the national panorama of information on Blockchain, both technical, legal and functional. If you need more information, visit this link.

How are Commissions organized?

The Commissions are work groups that are organized through the Meeting Point, specifically in the partner area of our website and the Member’s Office. Each commission has a leader and a sponsor. The leader is who manages everything related to the Office, whether it is a call to meetings, a work plan, etc. The sponsor is a member of the Board of Directors and his job is to support the work of the Commission. The leaders of each Commission organize the work with the Management Engine that runs the General Direction of the Association that coordinates the effectiveness of the Commissions and guarantees the participation of the maximum number of members interested.

What does one have to do to join a node in the network?

To include a node in your company it’s necessary to be member of Alastria and follow the steps indicated in Our Technology section of the website.

How much does it cost to execute a transaction on the Alastria network?

One of the benefits of the associates is that in the event of need to develop a case of use on one of the Alastria Blockchain networks, there is no price per transaction executed.

How much does the deployment of a Smart Contract in the Alastria network cost?

Once the member has a node or permission to access a node in the network, they can deploy a Smart Contract without spending gas for such deployment.

How much does it cost to have an Alastria node?

The Alastria network nodes are owned by each member and can be installed on any cloud hosting infrastructure (Google cloud, AWS, Azzure, etc.) or in their own hosting.


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