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ID_Alastria is a digital identity model proposed by the Association for use in digital services, even beyond blockchain technology itself and inspired by the Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) concept.

The ID_Alastria project will be deployed as one of the basic applications of the blockchain infrastructure promoted by the association within its platform.

What we do

Have a proposal for the European standard.

Validate and test the protocol used, as a constant challenge for the association.

Develop our own theoretical model to shape the project.

How will it work?

The protocol will implement contracts and software components that allow its integration with backends of different services. All this in a basic APP, which serves as an example of the use of the protocol and that, being open source, allows to evolve by the partners to adapt with the requirements of users and suppliers.

Through this APP, and under an SSI model, users will have control over the transactions associated with their identity and will be able to access different services.

European reference

The sovereign digital identity protocol developed by Alastria has become a benchmark in Spain and Europe.


We build a standard Sovereign Digital Identity (SSI) model that allows transasctions on the Alastria network to be legally valid and conform to Spanish and European regulations.

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